Munich workshop - A. Silzle

Summary of major ORPHEUS project results

The ORPHEUS project has created a full set of tools and applications for all stages of the complete broadcast workflow. Our goals were: To provide the end-users with a future-proof radio service which exceeds their expectations. To support the... Read more

Start OBA now! – Full House at the 2nd ORPHEUS Workshop at IRT

15th May 2018 was the day, everybody in the ORPHEUS team had been working for: The 2nd, and final ORPHEUS Workshop at partner IRT in Munich. We had announced and started to send around “Save-the-date” notes as early as six... Read more

Trinnov and Fraunhofer IIS introduce MPEG-H to the audiophile community at HIGH END Munich

At the HIGH END audio trade show in Munich, Germany (May 10th – 13th, 2018), visitors were able to experience the first Trinnov Audio device that supports the interactive and immersive audio format MPEG-H 3D Audio, introducing the advantages... Read more


Novel Tools for Personalised Radio Broadcasts – Workshop in Munich on 15th May

EU project ORPHEUS shows object-based media innovations at workshop in Munich on 15th May. Munich, 11th May 2018. Imagine you could adapt the length of a radio documentary as you require or listen to a radio drama from the... Read more

ORPHEUS at Sounds Amazing conference

ORPHEUS at the BBC’s Sounds Amazing conference

Following the success of “Sound: Now and Next” in 2015, the BBC brought hundreds of audio producers and technologists back to Broadcasting House in London for a full day conference called “Sounds Amazing” on 2nd May 2018. The event... Read more


The ORPHEUS Radio app

The primary objective of ORPHEUS is to create a full object-based workflow, from the initial recording of the program to its reception by the listener. The ORPHEUS Radio iOS app was developed by elephantcandy to bring the benefits and... Read more

ORPHEUS partner bcom at NAB 2018

ORPHEUS results presented at 2018 NAB Show

With around 100,000 attendees every year, NAB Show in Las Vegas is the world’s largest show focusing on media technology. Already present in 2016 and 2017, b<>com had again a stand in the 2018 NAB Show Futures Park area... Read more

Meeting #10 at IRT: Heading towards the finishing line

And all of a sudden it’s just 8 weeks before the end…. We’ve deliberately planned our last working meeting to be held at IRT in Munich, as this will also be the venue for our final workshop on May... Read more


Free ORPHEUS App for Object-Based Audio Experience Published

The ORPHEUS team has developed and published an app that allows anyone interested to experience the project’s vision for object-based audio. The ORPHEUS App runs on mobile devices with the iOS operating system (version 10.X or higher, running on... Read more

Meeting #9 at Eurescom: Calm before the storm

Moving towards the end of the active phase of our project, we’ve sped  up once again in another meeting, this time in Heidelberg, the base of our partner Eurescom. We certainly should have gone there earlier and, more importantly,... Read more

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