One of the major objectives of the ORPHEUS project is to provide contributions to the most relevant and most impacting standardisation bodies and groups. To achieve the biggest possible impact via standards, ORPHEUS will concentrate on a number of relevant standardisation bodies like ITU-R and EBU as well as MPEG, DVB, and SMPTE.

Several partners of the ORPHEUS project are actively involved in standardization relevant for the topic of object-based broadcasting. These are:

  • Object Loudness in ITU-R WP 6c
  • ITU-R 6b, ADM (streaming)
  • In DVB working on document ETSI 101154 to get a next generation audio part (MPEG-H & AC-4), incl. VR audio.
  • Broadcast renderer standardization at ITU-R WP 6, with bi-weekly telcos.
  • ISO/IEC 23008 MPEG-H, verification tests

The ITU-R meetings (group 6B and 6C) are bi-yearly for two weeks. The ISO/MPEG meetings are quarterly for a week.

The Orpheus project is doing an important work to check and verify theoretical work before it is being standardised, to avoid that something gets standardised that will not be used later in the real world. The close collaboration between partners in the project also improves the collaboration in the standardization bodies and even encouraged partners to start with this work in ITU-R.