The ORPHEUS consortium has identified a number of standardisation bodies and contribution areas which are highly relevant for ORPHEUS. The targeted standardisation bodies have in common that they develop standards related to object-based audio. Thus, ORPHEUS is focusing its standards-related efforts to the selected bodies, in order to achieve maximum impact.

The standardisation activities by ORPHEUS so far have been focused mainly on four organisations, including three standardisation bodies – ITU-R, ISO/IEC MPEG, and ETSI-DVB – and the EBU as a standards-related organisation. In respect to these standardisation bodies, ORPHEUS partners performed the standardisation activities summarised in the table below.

Standardisation body Contributions Involved partners Standard impacted by ORPHEUS
ITU-R 6B Work on updates on ADM Metadata FHG, BBC, IRT ITU-R BS.2076, ITU-R BS.2094
ITU-R 6B Contributions on a streamable version of the ADM FHG, BBC, IRT Not yet defined, under development
ITU-R 6C Work on the topic of a standardised baseline renderer for object-based audio (RG33) FHG, BBC, IRT Not defined
ITU-R 6C Work for standardisation of object-based loudness calculation FHG, BBC, IRT ITU-R BS.1770
ISO/IEC MPEG MPEG-H 3D Audio (audio codec) FHG ISO/IEC 23008-3
ISO/IEC MPEG MPEG-H, DASH (transport container) FHG ISO/IEC 23009-1
ISO/IEC MPEG Contribution to MPEG-I discussions on immersive media formats b<>com MPEG-I
EBU Contributions to SP-FAR (Future Audio formats & Renderer) group meetings, planning of  “Object Based Audio” workshop BBC, IRT, FHG, b<>com Does not apply, as EBU does not define formal standards
ETSI-DVB Work on document ETSI 101154 to get a next generation audio part FHG, BBC, IRT, b<>com MPEG-H & AC-4

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